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Steffany Boldrini - Principal, Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC

Steffany was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil  called Monte Carlo Ranch. Her mother raised her and her two sisters with incredible strength and many sacrifices; the name Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments is in her honor. At the age of 15, Steffany and her sisters had an opportunity to live in Switzerland for a year – it was the first time that they had seen snow! This was also the first time that Steffany experienced “the world” and the possibilities that lie within a well-developed country.

At the age of 18 she moved to Silicon Valley with her family. This was an incredible blessing. Not a day goes by that Steffany is not grateful for being in the Bay Area, and for the opportunities that the US has to offer. It was in Silicon Valley that Steffany learned she could become anything she set her mind to. It is also where she was introduced to technology, and the power it has to make an impact in the world.

In 2010, Steffany founded a marketplace focused on natural, organic, and non-toxic products. Since then, she has won multiple awards as a sales leader at successful startups (one of which went public and is worth over $20B, and another has been sold to Microsoft).

Through her personal experience as an angel investor and through the experiences of her circle of friends in Silicon Valley, Steffany came to realize that she much preferred investing in real estate instead of startups. This was primarily for the security that having an asset-based investment provided, versus potentially losing 100% of her investment in an angel investing scenario, in addition to the dilution of her equity as the startups in which she invested grew.

For the past four years, Steffany has focused on her career in commercial real estate investing after receiving inspiration from experienced real estate investors in Silicon Valley. She began her commercial real estate investing career in her spare time by taking on a mentorship program with an experienced retail real estate investor who gave her an extremely valuable early education in the world of commercial real estate. It was through this mentorship that Steffany began to make offers on both retail and office properties and began her journey as a fully-fledged real estate investor.

Through her exposure to multiple real estate asset classes via her mentor, and due to the volatility and “bubble-like” state which many real estate investors have noticed in a number of major markets, Steffany began to explore other asset classes in which she could invest. Steffany first heard about the self-storage asset class while listening to a podcast,  and decided to take a closer look. During her initial investigation, Steffany found that this asset class suited her desire for long-term passive income without high levels of maintenance or management, allowing her to gain both freedom of time and freedom of money in the future. Even more importantly, self-storage could also provide an asset class which is, for all intents and purposes, “recession-resistant”.

To give back to the community, Steffany hosts the “Commercial Real Estate Investing from A-Z” podcast. The show focuses on investing in retail, office, industrial, and self-storage properties.

For fun, Steffany enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is passionate about learning, mentoring, writing tech sales articles, and podcasting about real estate investing, traveling, investing in startups, living a healthy lifestyle, and exploring different cuisines. Some of her recent trips have been Greece and Denmark.

Steffany is incredibly grateful for your consideration in joining our real estate family and community of valued investors. She looks forward to connecting with you, and learning more about what inspires you to invest in commercial real estate.

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